Elmos: Common parts through flexible address assignment in the LIN bus system

Cost-optimised LIN bus slaves through simple installation with 100% common parts

The Elmos "Bus Shunt Method - BSM" technology allows for automatic position detection of the LIN bus members within a LIN bus system. The serially connected LIN slaves, used for example to control LEDs for ambient lighting, motors to control climate control dampers or ultrasonic sensors for parking assistants, know exactly at which position in the network they are installed. Thus they automatically know what to do.

The last of the non-addressed LIN slaves in a chain responds during addressing and stores the transmitted address in its memory. This process is repeated until all addressable members in the bus system have received an address. A plausibility check can be performed if necessary to verify that the addresses were assigned correctly. This eliminates the need for pre-configuration of the components or the system, since every component is able to detect its position in the bus system. Since common parts are used, replacing a component or expanding a bus system is easy. The component automatically detects its new position and acts accordingly.

This plug & play principle is possible thanks to the "Bus Shunt Method - BSM", a small piece of hardware in the components with which the corresponding address in the network can easily be assigned to the LIN slave.

Elmos already has several million components with this so-called auto addressing in the field. Components with the "Bus Shunt Method - BSM" have been used successfully in vehicles for over ten years. Renowned German and European automakers use this method in luxury, mid-range and compact vehicles.

On account of the flexibility and robustness of this method, Elmos is certain that it will make inroads into further applications in the future. Since the standardisation of components will continue to advance and configuration to some degree already is but in the future definitely will only take place in the vehicle, achieving this in a cost-effective manner is only possible with common parts. The extensive experience Elmos has in this field allows us to effectively expand the auto-addressing principle to other systems.

The "Bus Shunt Method - BSM" auto addressing method is also licensed by Elmos - a corresponding licensing agreement is available for download here.